New bed!

I’m getting a new bed on Monday! I absolutely cannot wait. My old one is past it, lots of the slats are broken, and the mattress… well, the less said the better. Painful.

My new one is only a single, but that’s perfect for me. It’s a good one, a divan, with memory foam on the top of a really deep mattress. I’m so looking forward to a good nights sleep, and to waking up without serious pain. Sounds like sheer bliss!

More will be said once I’ve had my first sleepie on it.


So, my creativity seems to have kick-started again. I’ve been pottering around in Paint Shop Pro for the past couple of weeks, getting used to it again. I used to do graphic work a few years ago, but with the depression getting bad, I lost that spark. Now it’s back.

Just for the hell of it, I’ve opened stores on Zazzle, CafePress and Spreadshirt. Lots of products with exclusive designs by l’il old me! Links will pe on a page up at the top, called shops. Clever, huh?!

Now, I’m not posting this as an advert, and I’m not going to beg you to buy stuff. The whole point is that my spark is back, and I’m creating again. And this make me happy.

Sleepy and new friends :-)

its only 6 oclock but were so tired. we went to the shops and bought some foods and stuff and we walked with our crutches and that makes the body tired. its saturday night and the bigguns want to stay up and watch the afletics and tennis but body says no!

so were in bed watching the telly and surfing. oh oh and when we was shopping tarsha whos 4 came out and asked p if we could have sweets and he said yes! so we gots haribo rings! yay!! p doesnt even know it was a little, he just thinks its nick being silly! hes lovely and safe and funny and kind and we all loves him.

its good havin a computer in the bedroom coz we can read and play games in bed!

yay for new friends too! hi hats and jaime and dark and anara and tempest and tony and discobell and bunny *waves*

jamie im 4

And there was shopping

Not the good kind, with funky electronic gadgets and stuff. The kind with food. Which is good in it’s own way!

There is crispy bacon strips. There are mandarin trifles. There are strawberry cream meringues. And there are ice lollies.  Oh, and 4 boxes of strawberries. Throw in some broccoli cheese, spaghetti carbonara, and enough diced steak for a huge cauldron of Scouse, and there’s a lot of happy people Inside!

We drive OH nuts on the rare occasion that we actually go to the supermarket, rather than shop online. Keep in mind that OH, our fiancé, doesn’t know we’re multiple, and it gets nuttier! There are so many of us sticking our heads out and wanting things, we can take for-fucking-ever! Every isle has to be gone down, and there’s always a running battle between what everyone wants and what we can afford. Nick always gets first choice, of course, but after that it’s a bit of a free for all!

Today, I got my strawberries. I am a happy Blaine!