i want to write

i want to write
see words flow across paper
feel the letters form
the need to express
it burns inside
i feel my fingers twitch
the urge to commit phrases
to paper
to explain, to extol
to eulogise
i want to write
but the words won’t flow
they remain, caged up inside
beating against barb-wire fences
in their bid for freedom
tear themselves apart
random letters, fragmented
thoughts ache for release
i need to write
open the pressure valve
set my mind free
break the torment of silence
tell the story of my soul
tears flow like mountain streams
but i have no words


©DarkPhoenix 2015


see the decay
love, life, rotting away
caged dream turning to dust in front of our eyes
gaping hole of silent terror
soundless pain yet we hear
pleading eyes beg for release
reaching hands beckon closer, closer, contact please
a touch, a meeting of skin
human contact denied

©DarkPhoenix 2014

Silken Ties

no more
my heart breaks but my mind soars
no more will i be bound
by your selfish desires
no more
will your darkness
extinguish my light
no more
will i be blind to myself
seeing only you
languishing in your shadow

i am not yours
to keep, to control
to use
i am my own self
i am worth more than this
i am

silken ties no longer bind