don’t touch me….. please

i’m scared. i don’t like doctors. i don’t like hospitals. i don’t like being touched. he’s gonna touch us. touch us there. down below. it hurts so much. it makes me remember things. bad things. i can hide inside but i know it’s happening. it makes me feel dirty. used. bad. i’m scared.

jenny (9)

ugh we was so sik las nite

we got treeted to a macdonalds las nite an it was nice an it took us ages to eat. den we feeld so sik after, it was horribl. we didnt frow up but we wanned to coz we feeld so horribl an it hurted a lot too.its not nice wen u eat sumfin yummy an den it hurts ur tummy. in fact it suks. we was gonna play on r ipad but we didnt coz it was too scary to be out. dat suks too. i jus wanna feel beter, is dat so much to ask? frowin my hands up in dispair.


Sleepy and new friends :-)

its only 6 oclock but were so tired. we went to the shops and bought some foods and stuff and we walked with our crutches and that makes the body tired. its saturday night and the bigguns want to stay up and watch the afletics and tennis but body says no!

so were in bed watching the telly and surfing. oh oh and when we was shopping tarsha whos 4 came out and asked p if we could have sweets and he said yes! so we gots haribo rings! yay!! p doesnt even know it was a little, he just thinks its nick being silly! hes lovely and safe and funny and kind and we all loves him.

its good havin a computer in the bedroom coz we can read and play games in bed!

yay for new friends too! hi hats and jaime and dark and anara and tempest and tony and discobell and bunny *waves*

jamie im 4

we sik

don lik bein sik. stoopid meds we gotta tayk mayk us sik but if we don tayk em we get siker.cant win. i jus sik of feelin sik alla tym. us kids don feel sik inside but wen we cum owt for a drink or to play we feels it. i goin bak inside to play.