And there was shopping

Not the good kind, with funky electronic gadgets and stuff. The kind with food. Which is good in it’s own way!

There is crispy bacon strips. There are mandarin trifles. There are strawberry cream meringues. And there are ice lollies.  Oh, and 4 boxes of strawberries. Throw in some broccoli cheese, spaghetti carbonara, and enough diced steak for a huge cauldron of Scouse, and there’s a lot of happy people Inside!

We drive OH nuts on the rare occasion that we actually go to the supermarket, rather than shop online. Keep in mind that OH, our fiancé, doesn’t know we’re multiple, and it gets nuttier! There are so many of us sticking our heads out and wanting things, we can take for-fucking-ever! Every isle has to be gone down, and there’s always a running battle between what everyone wants and what we can afford. Nick always gets first choice, of course, but after that it’s a bit of a free for all!

Today, I got my strawberries. I am a happy Blaine!