interacting is so hard sometimes

some days, it’s so hard to interact with the outside world.

we can read, and we do, but when we try to interact, to post, to respond, it’s like having a handful of sand.

every little grain of sand is a word, a thought, a feeling, but we can’t hold on to any of them, they just slip through our fingers.

life goes on inside, but the world outside of the body seems ephemeral, out of reach.

we sit and stare at the walls, at the computer screen, nobody really fronting, just drifting.

we write blog posts, long intense emails, but somewhere between the brain and the keyboard, they get lost.

we are not disconnected from each other, but we are from the outside world.

Life is hard. Dissociation is easy.

days like this don’t scare us. it’s peaceful. just drifting.

It cannot last though. We must reconnect. We must find our anchors again.

We always do.

But never think that we don’t care. We care a lot. It’s just sometimes we have a hard time saying so.

forgive us? we are sorry.

Old blog, new blog

Damn, this place looks empty! It’s a crying shame we lost all of the posts on our old blog when the server crashed. That’s why we’re here. When we lost everything, we decided that hosting our own blog was too much hassle, what with updates and crashes and stuff, so we started this place instead. I just wish this one didn’t look so deserted! Still, it’ll fill up as we go!

We do have another blog out there, but we’re not out as multiple on that one. We might copy the odd post from there onto here, if we think it’s interesting enough!

Y’know how you have those times when you just want to write, and you sit there with the keyboard on your knee, but nothing comes out? This is one of those times. Time for tea and toast, and a watch of the athletics. At least until Wimbledon starts!