Hospital today – *shudder*

We have an appointment later this afternoon with a specialist at the hospital. We originally saw a consultant surgeon, but he decided it was too comples for him so we got referred upwards. The specialist has to decide what type of surgery is best for us, and will have the least chance of complications. This is all because of long-term complications of our stomach and bowel issues.

If anyone ever says external haemorrhoids are nothing, just something to be laughed at and joked about, I’m here to tell them they’re a fucking idiot. They’re excruciatingly painful. Yes, we are having surgery to remove them, hopefully, but there’s a risk of damage to the muscles which could cause us permanent damage. Laugh that off, you fuckers.



11 thoughts on “Hospital today – *shudder*

  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear that Blaine, I hope the new doctor can do something to help you! Anyone who laughs at problems like that really is an idiot, try not to listen to any of them if they do they’re not worth the trouble. Love and strength to you today xx


    • The doc was really nice, he put us at ease really well. He’s transferring us to a bigger hospital where he works too, coz of all of our disabilities, surgery is risky. We’ll get more info when we see him there. He’s definitely doing the surgery, but he wants to try and find out what’s causing us all the bowel problems in the first place, which is good. Thanks for the support *hugs*


      • So glad it went well, it makes such a difference to meet a nice doctor who takes everything in their stride but pays attention. I hope they manage to find out what’s going on in there soon so they can help you. ((hugs)) back 🙂 xx


  2. pain is not funny 😦 that sounds really stressful and i feel like a tool for not knowing this was going on, babe, i’m so sorry *big hug*. none of this sounds like it will be pleasant but i hope it at least will be safe and with as little stress as possible. i hope the doctors treat u well and can alleviate the pain. sending lots of love to u and the rest, and i’m pretty concerned too so update when u can. sorry this is happening, babe, it sounds potentially serious so i’m worried, i mean i’d be worried anyway because i never want u to be in pain. i love u. i hope u feel much better soon.


    • It is potentially serious babe, but this doc seems like a good one. He’s moving us to a bigger hospital coz of the risks. The other hospital will have crash carts and stuff in case something goes wrong.
      You’re not a tool, love, I didn’t say anything so how could you have known? The others didn’t want anyone to know coz it’s embarrassing, but I finally got the go-ahead to talk about it. I wish I could have told you sooner *hugs*
      Love you babes, knowing you’re with me is such a help *cuddles*


  3. I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t find it funny at all- that sounds very painful and hard to deal with. I hope that they can be safely dealt with.
    Hospitals are a scary and triggery place for me, so I can’t really comment much on that, but I am thinking warm and safe thoughts for you ❤


    • Thanks Pen. It is painful, and embarrassing, but so many people think it’s funny, and nothing serious. That pisses me off. We’re not keen on the hospital he’s transferring us to at all, we had some very bad experiences there, but it can’t be helped. We’ll just have to cope somehow. Thanks for the warm fuzzies ❤


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