New Year – Time for Change

We’ve been talking about this change for a little while now, and have decided that the time is now.

We’re going to open the blog up to everyone inside who wants to write, no matter what the subject matter. This is risky because of the behaviours and attitudes of some of us. But we feel that they have the right to post too, and say how they’re feeling.

I hope you’ll all stick with us, and not be scared off by anyone.



9 thoughts on “New Year – Time for Change

  1. Good idea. It’s been useful for us, even if it does make us look a bit crazier when the angry alters or littles post. Heh.

    Enjoy the ability to express!


    • We’re pretty much co-conscious, but this is still going to be a change. Most of us don’t speak in public, so it’s going to be a big change. We’re looking forward to it, see if it helps people feel more secure in public.


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