Here we go again…

Y’know, I’m so tired of being sick, I really am. It’s winter (already!) and the season of the flu bug, and we catch them all. That’s what comes of having a totally shot immune system. P and the kids will get a cold, we’ll get flu. It’s annoying.
Spent last night sleeping in 20 minute stretches, waking up all the time for no reason, so we felt like we’d had no sleep at all. Went back to bed about 11am, and things started to get nasty. Burning up, cold sweats, can’t breathe, everything aches and hurts, nausea, wanting to barf despite taking anti-emetics, so much pain, and the nightmares, oh fuck, the nightmares. Finally crawled out of bed a couple of hours ago, feeling like death, and we still can’t shake the damn nightmares, except I guess they’re daymares now.

Abject misery, blind terror and stuck in flashback hell. Again.We can cope with most triggers, but not this, not feeling this ill.

*closes eyes* This too will pass, this too will pass, this too will pass…

By all the gods, let this get better soon.



2 thoughts on “Here we go again…

  1. by ALL the gods? i’ll have u know, i have been likened to thor. mainly because of this comic panel… …but that’s beside the point. the point is, by MY POWER, i will use my sway of the nine realms to let u heal!!!

    in all seriousness babe, that sounds absolutely hellish, and i’m so sorry. i’m here for u. i love u so much. keep breathing, please, i like u best when ur breathing.

    ❤ jaime


    • lol I wanna feel your hammer lolol Your godlike powers have worked, I’m feeling a lot better!
      Seriously, it was hellish. P said we were running a fever, no wonder we felt so shite. I still don’t feel totally better, but I’m getting there. Maybe by tomorrow I’ll be ok again.
      And I’m still breathing. I’m not leaving you love. I miss you *cuddles*
      -Blaine ❤


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