Silken Ties

no more
my heart breaks but my mind soars
no more will i be bound
by your selfish desires
no more
will your darkness
extinguish my light
no more
will i be blind to myself
seeing only you
languishing in your shadow

i am not yours
to keep, to control
to use
i am my own self
i am worth more than this
i am

silken ties no longer bind


2 thoughts on “Silken Ties

  1. this feels deeply personal…
    (…it never occurred to me that silk and ribbon may have been binding others the way they bound me…that such soft pretty things might truly be modes of capture…I thought…no one would believe it…)
    this poem is lovely…so strong…
    ((I fear I am not so strong…do not share the will to let go…for that I feel shame))
    thank you for sharing this with me…

    (Dark <3)


    • soft words and gentle touch can bind as deeply, and as cruelly, as harsh words and blows. sometimes they are more binding. they insinuate themselves into your thoughts, soft and smooth and binding, until your mind is filled, and you no longer want to be freed. but you are bound, none the less. i know. i remember. the way they fill the empty spaces inside. but that is not the way to true fulfillment. i am free. i am whole. it is wonderful, i am so much more than i once was. i am no longer a puppet, dancing on silk ribbons, my life at someone else’s whims. you too can be free, you too can be whole. each tiny step towards healing is a step towards wholeness of being. feel no shame, dark, my friend, it isn’t easy. we are not strong when we first take those tiny steps. strength comes to us as we move forward. take my hand, if you can, and walk with me.



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