ugh we was so sik las nite

we got treeted to a macdonalds las nite an it was nice an it took us ages to eat. den we feeld so sik after, it was horribl. we didnt frow up but we wanned to coz we feeld so horribl an it hurted a lot too.its not nice wen u eat sumfin yummy an den it hurts ur tummy. in fact it suks. we was gonna play on r ipad but we didnt coz it was too scary to be out. dat suks too. i jus wanna feel beter, is dat so much to ask? frowin my hands up in dispair.



3 thoughts on “ugh we was so sik las nite

    • ur jaime rite? blaine’s frend? i like u cos u make blaine happy!
      it was horribl, we felt sik for hours. we cudnt sleep cos of feelin sik. we felt a bit beter wen we woke up wich was good. we feel a lot beter now just a bit sikky but not too bad.
      *big hugs*


      • yep i’m jaime, it’s nice to meet u susie! glad to hear i make blaine happy, he makes me very happy too, he’s a nice bloke don’t u think?
        oh dear, not being able to sleep because of feeling sick, that sounds awful, i’m so sorry that happened! i am extra glad to hear that u feel a lot better now! still feeling a bit sick? i’m sorry to hear that, probably no more mcdonalds for awhile i’m guessing? i know that when i eat food that makes me feel sick and yucky i don’t want to eat it again in a hurry!
        thanks so much for the hugs, and wow they’re BIG hugs too!
        guess i should try to make mine *extra special squishy hugs* 🙂



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