My eyes! They burn!

They really do! We just had our annual diabetic eye exam. They put these drops in your eyes, and they sting like fuck. Then you sit there for 20 mins while your pupils dilate so much you look like an anime character lol They take photos of the insides and back of your eyes with this seriously bright flash!

The big thing is that the stinging and burning takes 4 hours to wear off *yikes* And until it does, your vision is like blurr-o-vision, and light hurts. Like it feels like you’re being stabbed in the eyeballs. I’m typing half by guesswork and half by knowing where the letters are lol And now I have a headache from my eyes being messed up. Meh.

I need cuddles. Big soppy snuggly cuddles. Any volunteers? 😉



4 thoughts on “My eyes! They burn!

    • Thanks hun xx It’s wearing off now, so I should be able to see again in an hour! The stabbing’s getting less frequent too, thank all that’s good! Still, at least they’re keeping an eye on us lolol
      *hugs* for you hun xx



    • You’re right, it’s super geeky lol But I got it!

      Eyes feeling much better now. Still a bit gritty, but an eye bath will sort that out.

      BIG SNUGGLY CUDDLES back at ya! Thanks, I really really needed that ❤



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