thank the goddess the ativan’s working. we’ve been in full-on panic attack since 7am. now it’s calming down, i just want to cry. anxiety is a bitch.



6 thoughts on “meh

  1. dude, ativan has helped us thru some awful days, i’m glad it’s working for u guys. panic attack? that’s not freaking fair, that’s the opposite of what y’all needed. cry if u need to, i just cried a bunch i feel a bit better.
    *hugs if u want them*
    nice to meet u jayne.


    • ta for the hugs mate, i’ll take em for sure. hugs are good. nice to meet you too jaime, i’ve heard about you from blaine. you come highly recommended lol
      yeah, sometimes you just gotta cry. i just did, and i feel a bit better too. i wish we got more ativan, but they’re dead stingy with benzos here. 0.5mg a day sucks. we save them up for when we really need them. today we did.
      *hugs* for you too mate.


    • we’re on 4 different drugs that all work for anxiety, but sometimes it just boils over anyways! mostly though, they work ok, thank the goddess!
      thanks for the warm thoughts, hugs for you all!


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