It’s our Birthday!!

We have been totally spoilt all day lol First we went out to breakfast, and sat eating our McDonalds muffins at the prom, which is a big park overlooking the Mersey river. That was lovely, as it’s one of our favourite places. We watched the rain falling on the water, and the mist rolling by. It was gorgeous!

Then, we got our prezzie from Harry’s lot. Would you fucking believe it, they bought us an iPad! Yes, a fucking iPad! Stunned speechless, we were lol How cool is that? We got all guilty coz they spent so much moneys on us, but they told us to shut up lol Totally awesome!

After a couple of hours messing with the iPad, we went and had a sleepy nap, and it was blissful. One of those lovely drifty naps where you feel all chilled out and stuff. We didn’t want to wake up lol But we had to.

We went out for a meal with Mum, Dad, Paul and the boys. Lovely foods, luscious apple and blackberry pie and custard, and more prezzies! Cookery books, sheepie notecards, a gorgeous silver charm bracelet, and a heartmelting photo frame with a pic of us holding our little nephew as a tiny baby! Awwwww, that made us tear up. He was born 3 months preemie, and spent 2 and a half months in intensive care before he could come home, so he’s extra special.

Now we’re home, with a nice cup of tea and a big sparkly pink helium balloon, relaxing and recovering lol It’s been a wonderful day, but oh so tiring. And I’ve got an email from my bro to read too! Happy times!

What a great way to celebrate the body being 40 *grin*



3 thoughts on “It’s our Birthday!!

  1. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Blaine. Happy birthday to you!! I’m singing for you ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx


  2. Happy birthday โค

    Glad you had so muchh fun! Now your the big 40, but your only as old as you feel!

    Ipad? Wow. Coolness. We have an iphone, love it.

    Are you in UK?

    Carol anne


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