It’s hard to make them, specially when you’re an inside bloke in a female body. People see the body, and that’s it. Sure, we have friends, but they’re either Nick’s or all of ours collectively, coz they don’t know about us all being here! That’s cool and all, but sometimes we feel like it’d be nice to have friends who know we exist, and want to be friends with us individually. That’s even harder, coz our natural instinct is to stay hidden.

But now, I have a friend! And what’s more, he’s an inside bloke in a female body too, so he totally gets it! Do you know how fucking rare that is? To find someone like me who wants to be friends? Friends with me. You have no idea how cool this is! It’s early days yet, but I get a buzz every time he emails me! I HAVE A FRIEND!!! And he’s super awesome lol

Ok, enough with the sappy shit. I just really felt the need to get that out there! I’ll go do manly things for a while now lol



6 thoughts on “Friends

  1. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. lol. and totally fucking adorable.

    is it manly to eat chocolate and play with a kitten? lol, cuz that’s what i’m doing. MANLY MEN ARE WE.

    we don’t have nicknames for each other yet. so it’s fine. it’s normal. lol.

    like how the qualifier there was “yet”?


  2. The “yet” is coz I’ve never had a guy friend like this before so I totally don’t know how it’s supposed to go! I’m hoping it carries on like it has been, fun and awesomeness and openness and all of that!
    And yeah, gaaaaay! lol
    It is so manly to eat choccy and play with kittens! Real men can do that kind of thing without being sappy lol I’m going to drink tea and play with the dog lol
    later bro!


    • Blaine, the reason you said “yet” is because we’re always sure that good things will be taken away from us. They always were in the past, after all. Not this time though, I think you found a good friend! Tell your hindbrain to shut up and enjoy it LOL!


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