Thunder and Lightening

The levels of anxiety Inside aren’t letting up at all. I wish the bloody DSN (Diabetic Specialist Nurse) would hurry up and call us back. Our Blood Sugar levels are terrifying. I mean, they’re supposed to be under 10, and we’re running in the mid to high 20s. Scary shit.

Since it’s summer, the Inside world is having warm summer days, (well, the northern parts are!) with balmy summer nights. But because the anxiety is so high, there are thunderstorms every night. No rain, just thunder rumbling away. Because, like, thunder’s calming for us. It always has been. We used to sit at the windows and just watch, wishing for louder thunderclaps and more lightening, and just losing ourselves in the storm. Wild weather’s always touched our hearts in strange ways.

Maybe it’s coz the weather reflects the Inner turmoil. I don’t know. But I know it helps. So we have nightly thunderstorms Inside!

Anyways, we have zero concentration, and can’t even do things we love, like read, for any length of time. It sucks. So, I’m off to play some mindless games on t’net. Oh, and make tea. I’m English, of course there has to be tea. Can’t survive a crisis without tea.



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