Sleepy and new friends :-)

its only 6 oclock but were so tired. we went to the shops and bought some foods and stuff and we walked with our crutches and that makes the body tired. its saturday night and the bigguns want to stay up and watch the afletics and tennis but body says no!

so were in bed watching the telly and surfing. oh oh and when we was shopping tarsha whos 4 came out and asked p if we could have sweets and he said yes! so we gots haribo rings! yay!! p doesnt even know it was a little, he just thinks its nick being silly! hes lovely and safe and funny and kind and we all loves him.

its good havin a computer in the bedroom coz we can read and play games in bed!

yay for new friends too! hi hats and jaime and dark and anara and tempest and tony and discobell and bunny *waves*

jamie im 4

we sik

don lik bein sik. stoopid meds we gotta tayk mayk us sik but if we don tayk em we get siker.cant win. i jus sik of feelin sik alla tym. us kids don feel sik inside but wen we cum owt for a drink or to play we feels it. i goin bak inside to play.


Old blog, new blog

Damn, this place looks empty! It’s a crying shame we lost all of the posts on our old blog when the server crashed. That’s why we’re here. When we lost everything, we decided that hosting our own blog was too much hassle, what with updates and crashes and stuff, so we started this place instead. I just wish this one didn’t look so deserted! Still, it’ll fill up as we go!

We do have another blog out there, but we’re not out as multiple on that one. We might copy the odd post from there onto here, if we think it’s interesting enough!

Y’know how you have those times when you just want to write, and you sit there with the keyboard on your knee, but nothing comes out? This is one of those times. Time for tea and toast, and a watch of the athletics. At least until Wimbledon starts!


New Meds

We has some! We saw the DSN on Monday, and started Victoza. The injections are painless, which is nice. But the side-effects are making themselves known. We’ve had to change up to a stronger anti-nauseant, or we’d be puking our guts up. Still, gotta just push through it. This med’s too important to stop. We need our diabetes to get under control, and this is the med to do it.

The new anti-puke pill is an old-school anti-psychotic. In lower doses, it’s great for nausea and vomiting. Our doc gave us a higher dose than we were expecting though. It’s in the range for anxiety, which is a huge added bonus. Thing is, it’s knocking us out! Between the Stemetil and the Victoza, we’re a huge bundle of dopiness and fatigue. We just want to sleep all the time, and when we’re not sleeping, we’re doped to the gills!

It’s a good thing that we bought some pasta and pizza, because that’s about the limit of P’s cooking skills, and we’re not up to it at all! So at least he can feed the kids! P’s being wonderful though, as usual, and is doing all the things we usually do, so that we can sleep, and wait for the side-effects to wear off. We’d be fucked without him, he’s amazing *wubs*

So here we are, at 4am, while the rest of the house sleeps, watching Wimbledon from yesterday, and drinking fizzy grapefruit juice. With the air-con on coz it’s muggy and horrible. I’m sure I had more to say, but the brain’s shut down on me! I can feel my IQ dropping! I hate that.


DSN called!

Fucking yes! The DSN just called, finally. She’s wrangled us an appointment for 25th of this month, to start Victoza! Everyone’s boneless with relief, and there’s crying and laughing in the streets. Literally!

One of our biggest triggers is medical neglect. Fuck knows, we’ve been put through enough of it in the past ten years. Doctors who think they know it all have nearly killed us twice, no joke. We’ve had to fight every step of the way to get the meds cocktail we have that works, and to get the diagnoses of things we knew we had, but weren’t believed about. That just freaks us out, the not believing us thing. Ugh.

We have an excellent Medical Team, Inside. They’ve read up on everything possible to do with our conditions, to the point where we know as much as our GP. Hell, even our GP says so! He’s a good guy, our GP, but it’s taken us 10 years to find him *sigh*. Our Medical folk read the British medical journals, own the latest BNF (British National Formulary, the prescribing bible!) and ne’er a drug passes our lips (or anywhere else lol) without being fully researched. Can you tell we don’t trust doctors?

Anyways, time to go listen to early Adam Ant, and grin a lot!


Thunder and Lightening

The levels of anxiety Inside aren’t letting up at all. I wish the bloody DSN (Diabetic Specialist Nurse) would hurry up and call us back. Our Blood Sugar levels are terrifying. I mean, they’re supposed to be under 10, and we’re running in the mid to high 20s. Scary shit.

Since it’s summer, the Inside world is having warm summer days, (well, the northern parts are!) with balmy summer nights. But because the anxiety is so high, there are thunderstorms every night. No rain, just thunder rumbling away. Because, like, thunder’s calming for us. It always has been. We used to sit at the windows and just watch, wishing for louder thunderclaps and more lightening, and just losing ourselves in the storm. Wild weather’s always touched our hearts in strange ways.

Maybe it’s coz the weather reflects the Inner turmoil. I don’t know. But I know it helps. So we have nightly thunderstorms Inside!

Anyways, we have zero concentration, and can’t even do things we love, like read, for any length of time. It sucks. So, I’m off to play some mindless games on t’net. Oh, and make tea. I’m English, of course there has to be tea. Can’t survive a crisis without tea.


And there was shopping

Not the good kind, with funky electronic gadgets and stuff. The kind with food. Which is good in it’s own way!

There is crispy bacon strips. There are mandarin trifles. There are strawberry cream meringues. And there are ice lollies.  Oh, and 4 boxes of strawberries. Throw in some broccoli cheese, spaghetti carbonara, and enough diced steak for a huge cauldron of Scouse, and there’s a lot of happy people Inside!

We drive OH nuts on the rare occasion that we actually go to the supermarket, rather than shop online. Keep in mind that OH, our fiancĂ©, doesn’t know we’re multiple, and it gets nuttier! There are so many of us sticking our heads out and wanting things, we can take for-fucking-ever! Every isle has to be gone down, and there’s always a running battle between what everyone wants and what we can afford. Nick always gets first choice, of course, but after that it’s a bit of a free for all!

Today, I got my strawberries. I am a happy Blaine!

We are so damn tired.

This is getting ridiculous. I know we’re on a multitude of meds that cause drowsiness, but this is on and beyond. This is the diabetes kicking us in the head. We’ve only been awake for 11 hours, and already we’re struggling to focus the eyes. Reclining the chair and taking a nap sounds so snuggly right about now. Body agrees, and is making sure we know about it!

We’re hungry too, but nobody’s got the energy to get up and cook.

Paul’s just taken the kids to Nanna’s, so we’re trying to stay awake till he comes home. Then, it’s off to bed for us. Bugger the fact that it’ll only be about 4pm. We’ve been up since 4am and we’re fucked.

And now the dog’s sitting on the back of our chair/on the windowledge, and howling his head off because Paul’s gone out without him. *sigh*

Funny how everything’s an irritant when you’re shattered, isn’t it? *grumble*